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  • Psychic Soulmate Readings

    with soulmate11

    Call now for indepth reading

  • magnifimoreloveforlife

    with maknificent

    Pure insight into matters of love and life .morelove ask and the spirit of love answers . Life wealth and andpeace

  • Clairvoyant- I can See into your timeline.

    with Sherry The Mystical Goddess

    Fast Typist! Look into your Past, Present, and Future. ASK Specific Questions, Get specific answers. My Style is Coaching/Guidance/Therapy Readings with Yes-No actual Steps, Actions. No Generals No "guessing" games. #energy

  • Is there a future for your relationship?

    with Hope and Clarity with Shawnee

    I am a gifted psychic from a young age. I tune into your energy and your voice to give you the answers you seek. I am very compassionate and sensitive and feel other's heartbreak and pain. Let's talk!!

  • Master Psychic /Tarot Reader & Spititual Advisor.

    with Master Psychic Lady Cherilynn

    I am a Empathic Tarot Reader and Certified Intuitive Spiritual Advisor..Intuitive Psychic and Tarot Readings in love, Relationships, Finances, and General Life Questions. I can give you answers from the heart.

  • Direct Remote Sensing! What's in Their Mind/Heart?

    with Multiverse Psychic Medium Meri

    Meri is a real, multi-talented professional Psychic Medium, Police Psychic, & Energy Healer, who Provides PROOF of ACCURACY & In-Depth Consultations! Get FREE & DISCOUNT MINUTES ~ Just Call NOW & Ask! X01182. PING to chat!

  • Spiritual Guidance and Healing

    with Guidance by Paula

    Readings with Paula will give you the sense that Paula is in the room with you, as she guides you through a calming, healing experience.

  • 18 Years Accuracy On Keen!

    with Spiritualist Julie

    Julie has over 30 years of experience specializing in understanding your life, to create a direction for you to see more clearly all the choices available to you. Resulting in you receiving from love what you deserve and wish

  • SPIRITUAL~ Don't Face It Alone ~ I Can Help

    with SYMONNE

    More than 34,OOO KEEN Clients assisted over 15 years - highly rated - uniformly accurate - more than 25 years of counseling experience - a lifetime of psychic ability - quick - honest - DON'T FACE IT ALL ALONE - I CAN HELP!!!

  • Do you need a clear answer to an unclear issue ?

    with Keaij24

    FIRST NAMES ONLY NEEDED ! I have been blessed with many gifts, lets get through your situation together :) I also read pictures as well !

  • Have a MAN's Spiritual Angels Guide Your Love Path

    with garrett4u

    Are you confused about Love and your Relationship? Let me and my angels help you sort things out!