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  • Advice From Ebonie

    with Princess at heart 03

    Do you need help achieving your heartfelt goals and intentions in a relationship, family, and career? I'm here to help walk you through attaining your goal and a higher level of balance.

  • 18 Years Accuracy On Keen!

    with Spiritualist Julie

    Julie has over 30 years of experience specializing in understanding your life, to create a direction for you to see more clearly all the choices available to you. Resulting in you receiving from love what you deserve and wish

  • Clairaudiance ~Only Truth~

    with SnowfireL

    Clairaudiance, spiritual hearing, and knowing ones perception of love in a relationship is the key to manage even though a difficult relationship. The key, perhaps, when hidden in plain sight?

  • Is there a future for your relationship?

    with Hope and Clarity with Shawnee

    I am a gifted psychic from a young age. I tune into your energy and your voice to give you the answers you seek. I am very compassionate and sensitive and feel other's heartbreak and pain. Let's talk!!

  • I will communicate with your Angel thru your voice


    do you want true answers do you need help & guidance learn how to control your life I can help you understand how to overcome obstacles in your path

  • Let me empower your soul with my Spirit

    with Visionary Guide Rusell

    As a Gifted reader allow me to put love back in your life. Let me answer your questions and we will get on your road to empower your life! Why wait, you know you deserve the life that you have always wanted.


    with cecedani

    I can help you find the answers you are seeking using my Clairvoyant, Clairaudient Clairessent, Intuitive, Empathic, Telepathic and Remote Viewing skills.

  • Walking with spirit to help guide you

    with Walks With Thunder

    Seeing Spirits since age 2.Walked the spiritual path all my life. 1/4 Caddo Nat. Am. 50+ yrs exp as psychic. Spirit nations work with me to help you in your life path. Appeared on MTV,Biography Channel.

  • Spiritual Answers with Masosa

    with Masosa

    "Spirit" is Latin for "Spiritus" meaning "breathe, breath". Your true self is a spiritual being. Your spirit committed to intentions wholeheartedly reaches your goal. Enter into the spirit and activate your life force.


    with Celestial Tarot

    KNOWN FOR HIGHLY ACCURATE AND TRUTHFUL READINGS. I can help you reach deeper understanding to move forward in life!`PLEASE DO NOT GET A READING IF YOU ARE NOT READY.

  • Do you need a clear answer to an unclear issue ?

    with Keaij24

    FIRST NAMES ONLY NEEDED ! I have been blessed with many gifts, lets get through your situation together :) I also read pictures as well !

  • SPIRITUAL~ Don't Face It Alone ~ I Can Help

    with SYMONNE

    Almost 40,000 KEEN Clients assisted over 16 years - highly rated - uniformly accurate - more than 33 years of counseling experience - a lifetime of psychic ability - quick - honest - DON'T FACE IT ALL ALONE - I CAN HELP