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  • What is your path? What should you do?

    with DanSpeaks

    Recently featured on Good Morning America, People Magazine, the ABC Radio Network and newspapers world wide for his approach to psychic advice and understandings of energy bonds and connections between people.

  • Let me empower your soul with my Spirit

    with Visionary Guide Rusell

    As a Gifted reader allow me to put love back in your life. Let me answer your questions and we will get on your road to empower your life! Why wait, you know you deserve the life that you have always wanted.

  • Direct Remote Sensing! What's in Their Heart/Mind?

    with Psychic Medium BFF -- Meri

    Meri is a real, multi-talented Psychic Medium, Police Psychic, & Energy Healer, who Provides PROOF of ACCURACY & In-Depth Consultations! Get FREE & DISCOUNT MINUTES ~ Just Call NOW & Ask! X01272. Email for chat!

  • Spiritual guidance for 40 yrs - Lady of the Light

    with The Lady Dee

    The Lady of the Light is a Master Psychic, Clair-audient, Clairvoyant, Dream Interpreter, Past Life Reader, Pet Reader, Tarot Card Reader, and finds lost items, people and pets for over 40 years. Call Now for the truth.

  • Psychic,Medium,Spiritual Adviser,Healer

    with Angel Readings by Richard

    Feeling lost depressed like something ,someone is holding you back? You might need a chakra cleansing or aura cleansing.Need guidance on your path?Call me and lets see if there are any blocks preventing you from your path

  • divine spiritual readings!!!

    with psychic love reuniter

    Real readings for people who want the truth. Serious, empowering and straightforward. All messages delivered with honesty and integrity.Life Changing Answers to aid you in achieving goals.

  • What Spirit trying to tell you? Find Clear Truth!

    with Aeson Knight

    Have your questions ready, this reader does not play! Aeson is a serious no-nonsense reader who gets right to the heart of your worries. Your life is not a game you want to lose at.

  • WORDS OF WISDOM to live by

    with MommaJudy

    I want to help everyone have joy in their life.

  • Love Hope Joy Faith Gratitude Miracles 25 yrs FT

    with Divinus

    Mark (relationship/business expert) unique joyful feeling/thought read; forecasts likely love/work opportunities/events with proprietary intuitive clairvoyant divinations; NBC WKEF TV 1996: best of 5 reviewed (86% accurate)

  • Helping with your spiritual journey! Ext 0334756

    with Miranda Tempest

    If you seek THE TRUTH and expect RELIABILITY and an EXPERIENCED PSYCHIC then look no further! I have a natural psychic gift and suggest you have a pen and paper handy! All I need is your name and question!

  • Psychic, Spiritual and Lenormand Tarot Readings

    with MariajoseH

    Naturally gifted empath and clairaudient. I am here to help you by giving you sincere guidance and support. I will do my best to provide clarity through the difficult times that life sometimes throws at us. 3 min minimum.

  • Direct Remote Sensing! What's in Their Mind/Heart?

    with Multiverse Psychic Medium Meri

    Meri is a real, multi-talented professional Psychic Medium, Police Psychic, & Energy Healer, who Provides PROOF of ACCURACY & In-Depth Consultations! Get FREE & DISCOUNT MINUTES ~ Just Call NOW & Ask! X01182. PING to chat!