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  • 49 Yrs of Accuracy ~See *ALL* Feedback !

    with Julia Jordan

    Julia has psychic pizzazz and a unique blend of the spiritual with the practical. She "feels" and "sees" the energy around you and those you ask about with answers quick and to the point. Honesty, Integrity and Compassion!

  • Things Falling Apart in Your Life?

    with Angels-Among-Us

    Hurting? Can't find answers? Repeating the same mistakes? Attracting the same kinds of people? What lessons to learn, patterns, hurts you have to heal? Try this woman of God, who hears the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

  • Elite Master Reader. Commander of your Destiny

    with Eye of Mark

    I will help you move through issues pressing you now. I will be your Guide and your Friend. You have more power than you think! We will find your power and remove the things that block your happiness in Love. Call Me!

  • Top Reader, Low Price. Call Now, I Have Answers

    with PsychicJada

    Put Psychic Jada's powers to work for you! I specialize in love & romance, financial issues, employment and general questions about life. Call me when you are lost, confused, or just in search of some answers.

  • Is it Over? How does he /she feel about me?

    with Tabitha True

    I have been reading Tarot for many years. I have an ability to read Tarot Cards and interpret the hidden meanings. This is a skill I have acquired since childhood. I read Palms and Tarot.

  • The answers you seek for your love life! Call now!

    with Michael Angel of Light


  • Manifest Your Soul-Mate & Heal ALL Love Pain. NOW!

    with TG Tarot Psychic

    Manifest Your True Soul-Mate & Twin Flame. Quickly Heal Love-Pain and Love Trauma. Secure Love, Intimacy, Passion, Partnership, Relationship Marriage, & Lasting Happiness, Since 1967. Max. Free Bonus minutes. LGBT Friendly.

  • Is there a future with your relationship ?

    with Annalisa38

    I offer you the biggest adventure of Ancient Wisdom, that you can have. With the gift of clairvoyance, tarot, numerology, astrology and qabbalah.The life you were born to live.

  • Total Blindness & Total Psychic Vision

    with DELARUTH

    WOW! Half price WEEKEND special! Call today! I am a completely blind, 3rd generation psychic, clairvoyant, medium. I know tomorrow, let me guide you today. I know the answers to your questions. I'm just waiting for your call

  • ~ Compassionate Psychic Reader ~

    with Laura Northwestern Star

    Are you looking for LOVE? Is your LOVER suddenly distant? Let me share my psychic gifts, answer your questions and put your mind at ease. I will help YOU create the loving relationship you want and deserve! Call me....

  • No Questions - Names Only - Only Truth Told

    with White Heart Creations

    Total awareness, 360 degree insight, and peace of mind NOW! I am a gifted psychic and work with my spirit guide to deliver the answers you seek. We are extremely accurate and only need names to read your situation. Namaste.

  • Honest ~ Accurate ~ Insight *** ANSWERS NOW***

    with Insightful Truths

    I am here to provide clarity in the areas that are most personal to you... Call or CHAT NOW for open, honest insight! I am available M-F from 6 am until 5 pm. EST. and accept APPTS. (or) ARRANGE a call between 7 and 9 pm EST.