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  • Quick, kind, accurate and honest empath

    with Psychic Suzen

    Special sale rate for your autumn harvest! I offer truthful, sensitive answers AND read to create the life you want. An empath/medium seen on PBS, I see relationships deeply, guide career clearly, even support pets dearly!

  • Advice From Ebonie

    with Princess at heart 03

    Do you need help achieving your heartfelt goals and intentions in a relationship, family, and career? I'm here to help walk you through attaining your goal and a higher level of balance.

  • 20 yrs experience; direct, in-depth, to the point!

    with Zacharia11

    I provide guidance on issues regarding family, friends or lovers. I find out why they are feeling the way they do. Where is their heart? How can you get closer to them. Fast answers and quick details.

  • ¿Sufres Por El Ser Amado?Consultame Hoy Te Ayudare

    with ProfesorPaz

    Te Diré Cuando Esa Persona Vendrá A tu Vida, Como Evitar Una Separación O Divorcio, Cuando Vendrá Nuevamente, Mantener Ese Romance Encendido, Los Mejores Días En El Amor Y Tomar Desiciones. Llama Hoy!

  • Call me for your answers through my gift of Tarot.

    with pennystars

    My great grandmother had a gift for psychic card readings. I inherited her gift. The upward point of a star symbolizes the spirit. The other points represent the four elements. Let me help you see through the stars.


    with soulmate11

    Is he or she your soulmate? Or are they a twinflame or karmic flame? Should you stay or move on? Call me for answers.

  • I Can Help,Getting Them unstuck from Your Mind !

    with Angels Helping Hands

    Let Many Beautiful ANGELS guide and help you with ANGELS HELPING HANDS... Specializing in love and relationships

  • Let me amaze you !!

    with Love readings by Deb

    I am empathic and can tell you what your love interest is thinking and feeling. I can tell you your future and how to reach your relationship and career goals. I will astonish you with my accuracy and time frames. Call me!

  • Medium / Psychic Reader EXT. 02765555

    with spiritminded

    Worried about job, love and relationships......I've been receiving messages from spirit world since the age of 5, I can help you. Spirit Minded

  • What Does Your Heart Want to Know? Energy Readings

    with Moonlite Marie

    What's in their heart? I read the energy of a person or situation with just a first name. Have your questions ready when you call. I'm available every day! Moonlite Marie @0392108

  • Multi-generational Intuitive Reader

    with Readings by Rune

    I am down-to-earth intuitive reader with over 27 years experience. I provide genuine and honest insight that provides valuable guidance to help others along their path. Allow me to connect with you today!


    with GERRYRAES