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  • Astrology Sign Compatibility

    with AskCristina

    Are you compatible with your lover? Are you on the right path or the right vibrational frequency? Get a reading with me for a true compatibilty reading.

  • .Problems?The Stars Can Help! Call Now!

    with Ms Brianna

    Astrology has guided people since ancient times. Modern knowledge of Astrology can give insight into the most complex questions. Master Astrology Reader Ms Brianna will help you with Past, Present and Future...Call now!

  • Master Astrologer: Love, Career & Life Crisis

    with AstroCare

    Master Astrologer: Love, Career, Karmic, Re-location & Life Crisis. Accurate dates and times. Learn to understand your birthchart as the message you wrote yourself the day you were born.

  • Astrologer Coupled With Astronomy

    with Priestess Kandi Ranson

    Natural Born Psychic Medium and Amazingly Accurate Astronomy Reader at your service!

  • Profesor Paz, Cómo Ser Feliz Con Tu Pareja? Llama

    with ProfesorPaz

    Yo tengo la contestacion a todas tus preguntas y alternativas acerca de tus problemas en amor salud, problemas con tu pareja, suerte y otros... Recuerda todo tiene solucion.

  • Universal Persuasions

    with Mystic Mable

    Prepare for the truth and not what you want to hear. I promise to render judicial answers for bonafide questions and to turn your frowns into smiles.


    with Belladonna Laveau APs

    FAST, ACCURATE, DETAILS. I'm a licensed Minister, with over 20 years experience as a psychic, and spiritual healer. You can talk to me about anything. I have a direct connection & can tell help you talk directly with God.

  • Astrology Charts for Fur Babies or Finny Friends

    with SisterStarDust

    Want to give your pet a long happy life? Let me draw their birth chart and study the transits at work in their chart so you can learn how to help them live long happy lives.

  • psychic astrology!!!

    with psychic love reuniter

    Call to find out what the stars say about you through my psychic astrology!!I have divine spiritual abilities gifted from God.

  • Your Comeback is in the Stars!

    with CreateYourComeback

    Are you in the midst of a major setback? Do you ever feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Isn't it time to do something about it? Now you can turn things around and create your own comeback!


    with MasterZeon

    CALL ME! I can help you get clarity for for your life.

  • Expert Psychic Reader - The TRUTH is OUT THERE!

    with Psychic Destiny of Love

    Reveals the TRUTH! Destiny of Love is here to help guide you to a better life. Practiced psychic for over 20+ years, Destiny can tell you how other people in your life will affect your future.