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  • Is it Over? How does he /she feel about me?

    with Tabitha True

    I have been reading Tarot for many years. I have an ability to read Tarot Cards and interpret the hidden meanings. This is a skill I have acquired since childhood. I read Palms and Tarot.

  • Man Management - Empath and Tarot Reader

    with Carmen miro

    Fifteen years of detailed Tarot Reading Experience and researcher and writer on Empathy. I specialize in relationship advice and decision making. Personality profiles my specialty. View New Website Below:

  • Explore your answers with me- English and Spanish


    My spirit guides and angels will light the unknown in your future bringing love and giving you peace of mind and ultimately an easier, happier, loving and more exciting existence you so deserve.

  • What Does Your Heart Want to Know? Energy Readings

    with Moonlite Marie

    What's in their heart? I read the energy of a person or situation with just a first name. Have your questions ready when you call. I'm available every day! Moonlite Marie @0392108

  • I Can Help,Getting Them unstuck from Your Mind !

    with Angels Helping Hands

    Let Many Beautiful ANGELS guide and help you with ANGELS HELPING HANDS... Specializing in love and relationships

  • Quick, kind, accurate and honest empath

    with Psychic Suzen

    "So encouraging, kind and honest. PROBABLY THE BEST READING I'VE EVER HAD. I feel stronger emotionally and spiritually after our call" 10/19 Sensitive yet truthful empath seen on PBS, I help remove roadblocks in your life!

  • Accuracy Details Time frames Love & Relationship

    with Psychic Sessions by Angelina

    Is my lover leaving? Is my lover coming back? Is my lover true? Is my lover the one for me? STOP with the questions and get your Answers Now.

  • Clairaudiance ~Only Truth~

    with SnowfireL

    Clairaudiance, spiritual hearing, and knowing ones perception of love in a relationship is the key to manage even though a difficult relationship. The key, perhaps, when hidden in plain sight?

  • One of the Most Accomplished Consultants on KEEN

    with Visionary Guide Rusell

    As a Gifted reader allow me to put love back in your life. Let me answer your questions and we will get on your road to empower your life! Why wait, you know you deserve the life that you have always wanted.

  • 18 Years of Accurate Readings With Keen!

    with Spiritualist Julie

    Julie has over 30 years of experience specializing in understanding your life, to create a direction for you to see more clearly all the choices available to you. Resulting in you receiving from love what you deserve and wish

  • LIFE Qs ~ Don't Face It All Alone ~I Can Help !!!

    with SYMONNE

    Almost 40,000 KEEN Clients assisted over 16 years - highly rated - uniformly accurate - more than 33 years of counseling experience - a lifetime of psychic ability - quick - honest - DON'T FACE IT ALL ALONE - I CAN HELP

  • Renowned Insightful Tarot Reader

    with Eye of Timothy

    My insights will change your present to achieve what you seek in the future. As an ordained Bishop in the Spiritualist Church, I have many years of experience serving those in need of guidance. Why wait? Call me!